About Us

With a design legacy that spans six centuries, the corset is firmly cemented in fashion history as one of the most important garments across the world, constantly evolving with the times whilst retaining its unique premise of shaping the human silhouette.

Buccelati is located in the historic market town of guangzhou, China, which is an area steeped in textile history. Our designs are inspired by the rich history of corset fashion synonymous with Lingerie, Burlesque, Steampunk and Bridal wear, to name but a few. Our Product Technicians develop unique patterns and utilise the latest fabrics to create the ultimate in modern fit and style.

We work closely with specialist tailors based in China, India and Nepal. Our tailors are experts in corset craftsmanship, and we take an active role in their welfare.

With a passion for design and a dedication to our customers, Buccelati fan base continues to grow as does our ambition to write our own chapter into the chronicles of corsetry.

Buccelati believe that true sophistication and elegance shines through when you not only look stunning, but feel at your very best! With ranges that cater for both function and fashion, we create garments that are designed with you in mind. For those who want to shape their figures or who want to adorn and accessorize themselves, Corset Story believe in self-expression, championing the individual in us all.

We all have our own story; let Buccelati help shape yours.